About Us

Vipuri derived from Swahili, is a specialized firm for the Supply of High Quality, Affordable and Reliable Pharma Machines, Process plants and Spares with a special focus on the African continent. Since its inception in 2016, Vipuri has emerged as Africa’s gateway to source Machinery.


  • Serving customers in Africa with State of the Art Solutions by providing faster, trustworthy and cost-effective Pharma machines.
  • Constantly updating with the technological advancements & the current needs of the Industry.
  • Building long-term business relationships by continuous innovation, better service, superior quality and prompt delivery.


  • Apart from Pharmaceutical Machines, Vipuri has introduced many Special Purpose Machines to save on operating costs of the manufacturing. Bin Washing Machines, Auto Cartanator and Filter Cleaning Machines are a few examples of these speciality machines.
  • “Waste Not, Want Less” is the key to conserve Energy. At Vipuri, we have many affordable solutions like Electricity Generation by Steam Turbines, Variables frequency drives and solar energy plants.
  • “Why Import, when you can Make” is a recent initiative by Vipuri. Apart from saving the foreign exchange for your country, we help you to cut down on outside dependence & reduction of inventory cost.
  • We specialized in supply of Spares and Consumables to Pharmaceutical & Allied Industries. With our vast experience with the Pharmaceutical industry, we are well versed with the timely supply of high-quality Spares & Consuambles.